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Situated on Inverkeithing Road, Crossgates, Fife, Humbug Park is the current home to Crossgates Primrose Football Club.

The unusual name derives from a disused pit of the former Cuttlehill Colliery, on which site the ground is located. Humbug Park was also known as Crossgates Greyhound Stadium when it doubled as a football ground and greyhound track.

Crossgates Thistle were the first Junior tenants of Humbug Park when they moved in during 1911 from a ground called Allan Park, but the club folded in 1916. With the establishment of Crossgates Primrose in 1926, Humbug Park had new tenants and the ground was substantially upgraded in 1933 with the club subsequently purchasing it.

New owners took over the ground at the end of the 1960-61 season following the demise of Crossgates Primrose – Humbug Park being sold to Jock Stein’s Dunfermline Athletic as a training ground.

Dunfermline sold the ground back to the Council from whom a newly reformed Crossgates Primrose Juniors took on the lease and remain to this day.


The pitch currently lies on North/South orientation, however, this wasn't always the case. Dunfermline Athletic changed the alignment from East/West when under their ownership. A grandstand once stood to the south but there is no evidence of it today - probably as a result of the re-alignment  and the housing development just behind the ground. The grass terracing is a later development.


Hot food and drink is available from the Cafe on site


Plans for a greyhound track were instigated in 1936 by the secretary of the football club. The racing distance was 275 yards and the racing took place regularly between 1937 until 1953. The track was independent (unlicensed) and took place on Friday and Saturday evenings and had a large mining community following.

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